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Where Mercedes brand name come from?

Mercedes is a company with female name founded by Mr Benz and Mr Daimler. At the very beginning Daimler sold 36 race cars to a very rich customer, Emil Jellinek, that asked to call the competition engines of these racing cars "Mercedes" in honour of his daughter. When Benz and Daimler merged their company in 1926, the choosen name was Mercedes-Benz.

How big is the Mercedes Museum?
On nine levels and covering a floor space of 16.500 mq, the museum presents breathtaking vehicles and over 1500 exhibits.
A cabinet more similar to a suppository takes us not only to the top floor but back in time, to the first cars. It is then a circular descent more similar to a track curve that will take us up to the present day.


What to see in the Mercedes Museum?
The Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart celebrates the automobile invented by Carl Benz in 1886: it relates its history and tells its stories, bringing both alive by placing them in the context of technology, day-to-day life, social history and popular culture. More than 160 vehicles of all types are the main protagonists. They range from some of the oldest automobiles ever built to legendary racing cars and futuristic research vehicles.
Together with other exhibits, they form the centerpiece of the permanent exhibition covering 16,500 square meters in twelve rooms. This unparalleled world can be discovered on two tours that follow a “Legend” and “Collection” narrative.
The exhibition not only presents the fascinating history of the Mercedes-Benz brand, it also affords illuminating insights into the future. This dual function is also reflected in the architecture of the Mercedes-Benz Museum, designed by the UNStudio of Dutch architects van Berkel and Bos, Amsterdam. The building’s interior is inspired by the double helix structure of the DNA spiral that carries the human genome.

The first of the tours consists of seven Legend rooms, which narrate the chronological history of the brand. The second tour groups the wealth of vehicles on display into five separate Collection rooms, which thematically document the breadth and diversity of the brand portfolio and collection. The visitor can switch from one tour to the other at any time. Both tours finish at the banked curve entitled Silver Arrows – Races & Records.


The exhibition is rounded off by the Fascination of Technology display, which offers a glimpse into day-to-day work at Mercedes-Benz and presents topics concerning the future of the car world.


Everywhere, good music alternates with the roar of the engines.
if you have guessed all the names of the cars without reading the captions, it’s time for the real challenge: in the celebrity corridor, give a face to the owner of the car (spoiler: there’s the Pope mobile).


Legend Tour.
The entire Mercedes Legend comes to life in seven chronologically ordered arrangements of exhibits. Here, visitors meet the vehicles representative for special eras of automotive development, from the beginning of automotive history and the birth of the Mercedes brand to fascinating models from recent past and present. Each vehicle shown is embedded in its contemporary context presented by

additional exhibits, documents, photos and pictures form its days.


Collection Tour.
Parallel to the Legend rooms in which exhibits are arranged scenically under artificial light, the bright Collection rooms show their exhibits in daylight. Here, the exhibits are not arranged in their chronological context but in a topical one. Thus, the Gallery of Voyagers shows vehicles from all epochs, which made voyages both big and small safe and convenient.


When is the Mercedes museum open?
Museum is open from Tuesday to Sunday 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Closed on Monday. The Box office close at 5 p.m and last elevator ride is at 5:20 pm.


Where is the Mercedes Museum ?
Mercedesstraße 100, 70372 Stuttgart
The museum is located outside the gates of the main Mercedes-Benz plant in Stuttgart-Untertürkheim and represents a distinctive landmark in the area as an architectural beacon. It seems to perch atop a hill – which is, in fact, man-made.
Owing to its graceful lines, the 110,000-tonne building almost seems to defy the laws of gravity, particularly in the soft light of dusk.


Is the Mercedes Museum barrier free ?
Ramps around the Mercedes-Benz Museum facilitate access for wheelchair users. The exhibition’s Legend rooms are also equipped with DIN-standard ramps with intermediate platforms and handrails at wheelchair height.
Throughout the exhibition there are satellite lifts serving all levels.Other barrier-free operational features include appropriate toilet facilities, swivel doors at the entrance to the exhibition, wheelchair and wheeled walker availability.
Admission to the museum is free for disabled visitors and for those accompanying visitors with severe disabilities or requiring full attendance.


Is there a parking?
In the museum’s car park or in the P4 multistory car park. Parking fees: one Euro per hour for the first, second and third hour; two Euro per hour from the fourth hour.


Address and Contact.
Mercedesstraße 100, 70372 Stuttgart, Germany
Telefon: +49 711-17 30 000


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