When the Autoworld museum was built?

Autoworld was built on the extensive and well preserved car collection of the Mahy family, one of the largest in the world. Founder Ghislain Mahy (1907-1999) was a passionate mechanic from a young age and went on to restore dozens of cars throughout his life. Together with his sons Hans and Ivan, he built a collection of about 1000 vehicles, amongst which you can find many Belgian brands such as Minerva, Germain, FN, Imperia, Fondu, Vivinus, Nagant, Belga-Rise and Miesse. When the Autoworld museum was established in 1986, it incorporated 200 automobiles from the Mahy collection.


Where is the Autoworld museum located?

While the passion and collection of the Mahy family forms the heart of the museum, it were the dedication and perseverance of King Albert II, Minister Louis Olivier and Herman De Croo that ensured Autoworld officially came to life in 1986. The majestic esplanade, triumphal arch and colonnades of the Parc du Cinquantenaire proved to be the ideal location for the treasury of the automobile history. The main purpose of Autoworld was and remains to display decades of evolution in technology, comfort, safety and environment. 


What can I find at the Autoworld museum?

Over the last years, and especially since 2010, the museum has ondergone many changes and continuous improvements through the creation of new zones like Sport & Competition (2012), Belgium at Autoworld (2014), the modern and authentic workshops (2015), the Media Room (2017) and the recreation of the first Brussels car show of 1902 (2019).


What are the most interesting models?
Racing: more than  20 vehicles are presented in an original and dynamic mise en scène (with a raised bend, departure schedule, old paddocks and zone dedicated to Michel Vaillant), completed with old photographs , movies and information screens.
This zone is a dynamic one, which means you will often get to see newly exhibited vehicles. This allows the owners who lent their cars to Autoworld to continue to participate in rally's, competitions and historical races. 
Usa collection: at the back of the museum visitors set foot in the USA zone. In a decor that brings you right back to the fifties to seventies, American dream cars & bikes steal the show . The 1960s are known as the protest years: for the first time there is a youth culture that rebels against society and parental authority. It's the decade of flower power, hippies, happenings and beat music. The values ​​of liberation, democratization, resistance and development are also translated in the vehicles.
Belgium zone: the zone Belgium at Autoworld is dedicated to Belgium's automobile heritage and its many vehicles in the museum collection. About 20 exhibited vehicles and extensive iconography guide you through our history and knowhow, highlighting its engineers, industrials, craftsmen, designers, racers, circuits, etc.
Cartoon zone: the cartoon zone creates a world where reality meets comic books, with Michel Vaillant (by French cartoonists Jean & Philippe Graton) as its protagonist. The zone was designed as a paddock where visitors from all generations can take a seat and be photographed in a F1 Vaillant racing car.



How long does a visit take?


Where the Autoworld Museum is located
Autoworld is located in the beautiful Parc du Cinquantenaire (French) of Jubelpark (Dutch). To protect the historical character of the park, it is prohibited to park the car on the Esplanade next to the museum, with exception of disabled people and suppliers. Disabled visitors and suppliers can access the site through the barrier (Renaissancelaan) and park in front of the museum in the spots reserved for them.





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