What engine is the 2 cylinder inline: it is a inline, four-stroke two cylinder piston engine whose cylinders are arranged in a line along a common crankshaft.

What is the 2 cylinder inline displacement : it is in a range between 624 cc and 875 cc

How much is the power of the 2 cylinder inline engine: the power of the 2 cylinder inline engine is in a range from 38 bhp to 105 bhp

Which cars use 2 cylinder inline engine: in recent production was the powertrain of Tata Nano and the Fiat TwinAir engine used in various models ranging from Fiat 500, Lancia Y and Alfa Romeo Mito.


This 2 cylinder inline engine for cars is in a parallel configuration,  with a 720 degree firing angle. Both pistons move up and down at the same time and the firing interval is offset between cylinders, with one cylinders firing on during the first crankshaft rotation 360 degrees and then the other cylinder in the following rotation 360 degrees.


As the engine fires once every revolution so every 360 degrees crankshaft rotation, the two pistons run exactly in the same direction as well as position causing high level of vibration in upward and downward direction. This engine configuration for cars is among the worse for comfort, sound and driving pleasure and it used for small and cheap cars only.


Fiat automobiles worked hard to increase overall performance and launched the TwinAir engine. Fiat engine has 875 c.c. displacement and is equipped with electrohydraulic valve control and turbocharging to reach power from 85 bhp to 105 bhp as market power output needs. Vibrations is reduced by a counter-rotating balancer shaft located adjacent to the crankshaft, which cancels the first order vibration.







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